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About Malta

Malta is an ancient civilisation, a vibrant democracy and a modern economy. Malta’s present, like its past, is dynamic and diverse.

For thousands of years the Maltese have been trading with the world. Business is a natural part of the country’s culture and the Maltese have built an economy that today is one of the fastest growing in Europe. The Maltese islands – an archipelago of three islands that are home to some 420,000 people – lie almost halfway between Sicily and the North African coast.

Malta boasts an extensive Double taxation treaty network with more than seventy countries, as well as a very advantageous tax jurisdiction highly attractive under various aspects.

It’s a place of skill, where commercial success is applauded and encouraged. Its finance industry directly employs some 20,500 people. Foreign multi-national firms from the top ranks of global banking, fund management, insurance and professional services have set up shop in Malta. Together with the local talent they have forged a financial services sector attracting investment from across the globe.

Malta is a modern economy. High standard electronic communications are complemented by frequent daily flights to the leading European Union business destinations and the island abounds with world class hotels and conference centres.

As from 1st May 2004 Malta joined the European Union in the new enlarged economic block.

Moreover, Malta joined the Eurozone on 1st January 2008.

This marked a new era in Malta’s future, which gives it a new perspective in the economic, social, and political spheres.

Why Malta?

  • Attractive personal and corporate taxation system;
  • Knowledgeable work force, English speaking;
  • Extensive double tax treaty network;
  • High-speed internet provided to service businesses operating online;
  • Sophisticated company law and commercial legislation to cater for today’s evolving business needs;
  • Local authorities geared towards inward investment assisting startups with low bureaucracy.
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