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Maritime Services – Malta Flag

The Maltese shipping register is the first in Europe and sixth largest world-wide register, which has seen such an exponential growth in the number of sea vessels registered.

Maltese maritime law has been, over the years, bolstered to cater for different domestic and commercial ship registers including the small ships registry, and has also kept abreast with international developments and adheres with international maritime conventions.

Maritime Services Include:

Main advantages of the Malta flag:

Malta flag is the flag of confidence; it is the largest in Europe and 6th largest in the World.

⚓ Malta is a social, fiscal and politically stable country.

⚓ Сompetitive yacht registration costs and uncomplicated and efficient procedure for registration and deletion of Maltese vessels, as well as for the registration and discharge of mortgages.

Ship registration not strictly limited to ships; registration of other boats such as oilrigs, platforms and barges, is permitted.

⚓ Ship registration under construction and mortgages over such vessel is permitted.

⚓ Yacht does not need to visit Malta physically, if it is registered in Malta.

⚓ Malta has no nationality restrictions for the ship owners and crew members.

⚓ No minimum manning policy for private yachts.

⚓ No trading restrictions.

⚓ No restrictions on the sale and mortgaging of Maltese registered ships.

⚓  Attractive tax incentives to yachts and superyachts owners encouraging commercial operation – reduced VAT rate for short-term yacht chartering taking place in Malta.

⚓ Licensed shipping organisations are exempt from income tax. Using efficient tonnage tax system. Read more here…

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Liudmyla Skryvanek - Maritime Connections Worldwide Expert
Liudmyla Skryvanek - Maritime Connections Worldwide Expert

We provide full array of maritime services:

  • Advisory services to individuals and legal entities who wish to register yachts under the Malta Flag.
  • Services on the adoption of efficient tax structures at maximising the particular needs of the yacht owner.
  • We may act as a resident agent for the registration of a company in Malta to act as owner of the yacht and liaise with certified surveyors as well as the shipping Directorate of Transport Malta in order to have the provisional / permanent registration.

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    Peter Griffiths
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