iGaming services Malta | Gaming license & gaming taxes 2024

iGaming services Malta 2024: gaming license and tax benefits

It is estimated that around 30% of the world’s gaming companies are operating via Malta. The Maltese gaming scene, with its solid regulatory environment bolstered by the Malta Gaming Authority (“MGA”), has proven to have become a very popular gaming platform for companies wanting to operate within this sector.

The relative gaming laws in Malta have provided a varied tiered mechanism whereby different classes of licenses may be applied for, each of which have a separate gaming tax regime which is applicable.

The Chief Executive Officers and other high ranking personnel within such gaming companies have also been given some special tax breaks in terms of the Highly Qualified Persons Rules, as amended. Such recent additions to the fiscal regime in Malta have made this jurisdiction even more attractive for international clients setting up Maltese business in the gaming sector.

Gaming companies setting up in Malta need the correct guidance in order to apply for their gaming license with the MGA, and also would require the correct advice and set up in order to meet the ongoing regulatory obligations which the latter Authority would impose.

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Gaming Tax Benefits in Malta 2024

The main reasons international gaming operations have and continue to choose Malta include:

✪  The robust regulatory framework that is in line with the main EU directives;

✪  Malta AML legislation;

✪  A highly effective and efficient regulator;

✪  A highly reputable licence;

✪  Easy setup and licencing process;

✪  Established financial services institutions (including payment gateways) for Maltese iGaming companies and;

✪  A very attractive fiscal regime for iGaming operators which allows gaming companies to retain a high portion of their profits.

Malta’s corporate tax rate is set at 35%, but businesses are allowed to claim back most of this as a rebate, meaning that companies effectively pay just 5% tax on their profits.

The personal tax regime is also very attractive, with top earners paying a maximum of 35%, while professionals with certain skills pay as little as 15%.

Malta iGaming License 2024:

Gaming License For B2C:

Non- Refundable Annual Fee paid in advance upon the issue of license — €25,000

Administrative / Renewal Fee — €5,000

Compliance Contribution Fees:

  • 1 License Class, a minimum compliance contribution of €15,000 which is capped at €375,000, with a percentage range from 0.4% to 1.25%;
  • 2 License Class, a minimum compliance contribution of €25,000 which is capped at €600,000, with a percentage range from 0.4% to 4%;
  • 3 License Class, a minimum compliance contribution of €25,000 which is capped at €500,000, with a percentage range from 0.4% to 4%;

B2C licencees startups are exempt from paying their compliance contributions for one year.

Gaming License For B2B:

For a Class 4 license: an annual fee of €25,000 to €35,000, is paid dependent on gaming revenue.

B2B Licensees are not required to pay compliance contributions.

Auditing Gaming Entities

Why Griffiths + Associates?

  •  Griffiths + Associates, as approved Statutory Auditor by the MGA, has extensive experience in carrying out such audits in line with the MGA’s requirements. Since we have technically experienced auditors, we do not merely go through a tick-box review, but can understand when mitigating measure are appropriate and meet the MGA’s requirements.
  • An impeccable business reputation is a key asset of Griffiths + Associates, and this is the result of strong work ethic and having technical knowledge in this specialist industry. Our highly experienced CPAs keep up-to-date with the latest regulations within the industry to ensure we provide our clients with a high-quality service.
  • We use a robust and effective end-to-end risk-based approach. Following the MGA’s Compliance Audit manual, our audit team will be testing the following areas: standing Information; human resources; financial analysis; public domain; information technology; gaming operation; B2C checks, and B2B checks.

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