Join us at the Horizon Europe Event | 2 - 3 December 2021

The Horizon Europe Digital Brokerage Event | 2 – 3 December 2021

Horizon Europe 2-3 December 2021

The Horizon Europe Digital Brokerage Event – Benefit from the EU funding!

Join us and find collaboration opportunities participating at the Horizon Europe Digital Brokerage Event, taking place on 2 – 3 December 2021.

During the online session, you may talk to our representative – we are ready to answer all your questions.

Horizon Europe, the flagship Research and Innovation programme of the EU, provides the opportunity to benefit from the EU funding for a wide range of activities from Research & Innovation to dedicated investment support.

The EU Research and Innovation programme 2021 – 2027 has a funding scope of 95.5€ billion over the coming years and will support the implementation of the European Green Deal and Digital Transformation.

Building quality networks and partnership across the Horizon Europe programme is the unique opportunity to grow for the innovative Maltese SMEs.

This Face2Face event is aimed to help the IT researchers to share new project ideas at international level, facilitate the setup of project consortia for Horizon Europe calls, promote research results, and build quality partnerships.

Establishing the cooperation partners helps to grow the SMEs their business internationally and access the EU funding.

The event is organized in collaboration with the Sector Group Industries Enterprise Europe Network to help the SMEs growing on an international scale, and it is dedicated especially to small and medium sized enterprises in IT industry.

The Enterprise Europe Network also organizes supportive webinars, during which the EU funding experts and members from the European Commission provide businesses with practical advices on how to access Horizon EU funds, expand the potential, display examples of companies having benefited in the past.

The recent webinar organised by the European Boat Industry on 26 November 2021 jointly with the Maritime Group of the Enterprise Europe Network on EU funding opportunities in the boating industry.

This offered a wide scope of opportunities for the recreational / leisure boating sector to benefit from, particularly providing funding for the green and digital transformation.

The “Green and Digital” solution is present across all pillars of Horizon Europe and other collaboration opportunities can be explored following the link of the full list of Horizon Europe brokerage events:

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Those businesses that would like to access the EU funding to improve in Malta Griffiths + Associates provides with the services:
→   project analysis and determination the eligibility for the EU funding;
→   risk analysis – market, financial and entrepreneurial;
→   legal due diligence;
→   drafting applications to EU call for proposals and tenders;
→   project implementation and reporting;
→   assistance in drafting of the pre-business & post-business plan and consequently in the company incorporation process;
→   advisory in scaling business towards the access of an international market;
→   tax and legal advisory.

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