Marine Money | VIRTUAL Climate Week Forum 2021

Marine Money | VIRTUAL Climate Week Forum 2021

Are you intend to register your ship in the most stable European jurisdiction?

You are welcome to meet us during Marine Money Climate Week – Decarbonizing Maritime: Forming Capital, Generating Returns that will be held virtually September 21-23 in conjunction of Climate Week NY sponsored by well – established marine entities: Wärtsilä, Marsoft Maritime Consulting, Watson Farley & Williams and other incorporations.

There is always a question for the investors “Where to invest your money?”

From the other side, the shipowners also look for the access to investment opportunities and capital.

The “green solution” comes together with strategies for accessing “Green” Financing – capital allocation toward “Sustainable” equity.

Shipowners, financiers, investors, ship managers, brokers, lawyers and accountants, public and private organizations and industries from around the world will gather virtually and in-person during this week to accelerate climate action ahead.

The $2 trillion dollar shipping industry will play a vital role in decarbonization – but transitioning the industry will depend on collaboration and developing commercially viable solutions capable of attracting capital and generating returns.

Marine Money Climate Week highlights pioneering people, companies, products, and organizations working to meet the shipping industry’s essential decarbonization goals.

A clear view of the design of the ship of the future:
Sustainability, innovations, sense and nonsense about fuels, new ships, new technology, and the commercial viability of all new technological inventions and innovations.

⚓      What insights do we have into the commercial viability of future ship designs?
⚓      Who will take the investment risk on these technologies?
⚓      Are there consolidations and acquisitions imperatives towards fleet sustainable modernization?
⚓      Scrubbers or fuels or slow steaming – still a dilemma?
⚓      Will there ever be a zero-carbon ship design?
⚓      Is the world ready for any of the above?
⚓      Are the politics of Climate change and the discussion of dual fuel vessels and new technology alternative fuel vessels clouding our judgement and pushing us into investments that are not sustainable?

In 2020 Malta opened a climate action plan – to achieve net-zero emissions in just 30 years and implement green changes to every aspect of life including maritime industry.

The Maltese Ship Register is already expanding its fleet with the zero-carbon ships.

During the networking session, we will talk of the advantages of the ship registration in Malta Flag Register and how the tax incentives provided by Maltese Government make a benefit for the commercially registered superyachts and shipping organizations.

We offer a relevant solutions and services for the ship owners whether you would like to register your boat for your private purpose or for the commercial use!

We work with the shipowners of zero-carbon ships and of other ships and superyachts helping them to obtain the Certificate of Malta Ship Registry.

We provide the shipowners with the maritime services to complete the relevant documents for the ship registration under Maltese flag and act as an appointed resident agent.

For the shipowners, who wish to operate their vessel for the chartering or other commercial use we help with the company incorporation for the shipowning in Malta.

Griffiths + Associates Your Trusted Expert In Malta:

Our service includes full range of financial and corporate service in Malta, advisory in Maritime law, taxation and other regulatory obligations, family office administration.

To meet with our specialists please fill out the form below or send us your query via email and we will contact you shortly.

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