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Malta – UAE Deepening Commercial Relations

Malta and UAE are long established commercial partners

Malta and UAE are long established commercial partners in industries such as tourism, telecoms, construction and are currently looking at new ways of boosting business and trade flows.

Considering the fact that investing in Malta brings access to the whole of the EU, the island certainly has a lot to offer as a foreign direct investment destination for UAE investors. Infrastructure development, IT capabilities, shipping, aviation, and logistics are also offering opportunities for future cooperation.

In this regard, in February 2021 a meeting between the Maltese Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Hon. Evarist Bartolo and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the UAE Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan took place. The outcome of the meeting was the signing of several cooperation agreements in different sectors.

Commending UAE’s role as a player in the field of trade and investment on the island, Malta continues to step up its support to both the Maltese business community and foreign investors who are desirous in establishing their headquarters or place of business in Malta.

Maltese businessmen regularly have participated in the Gulf’s biggest investment exhibitions, and continue playing a leading role in promoting Malta as a country that is open for foreign direct investment. To support this initiative, ArabianBusiness Magazine, one of the most renowned business publications in the GCC & MENA region, with headquarters in Dubai, UAE is preparing an exclusive Malta Edition specialised on investments in Malta.

This Edition will include contributions from leading Maltese Ministers and CEOs of Government Authorities, such as Hon. Ian Borg, as Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Joseph Mizzi as CEO of Komunita Malta, and Charles Mizzi, as CEO of Malta Residency Agency, Mr George Vella as Chairman of Finance Malta, and Mr Michael Stivala as President of MDA among others. One of the main focuses of the Malta Edition is Finance & Investment, Finance & Corporate Services.

Griffiths + Associates as one of the most established Corporate Services Providers in Malta offering one-stop-shop in financial services, and it shall participate in this Edition, helping Malta to develop business relations between the two nations. This is the first Malta Edition in ArabianBusiness and the impact should help maximise growth and innovation.

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