Malta Spring Festival | 19-23 April 2022

Malta Spring Festival 2022: “About Hope” | 19-23 April 2022

As we make our way towards an unknown future, music, being the most expressive language of culture, and the universal language of mankind, has an important role to play in our survival.

Living in the era of tremendous technological advancements, we all consider the future and see unlimited possibilities. It has a good side and bad as well.

There is a point to emphasize here – all this is happening at the time when our world is increasingly fractured. We are ill-equipped for such a rapid transformation. Social, cultural, economic, and political ties, which used to bind us together, are not working any more. In pursuit of material goods, not having ethical considerations, we risk finding ourselves at a precipice, having unprecedented technical progress, but lost our humanity. In this meaning, culture gives us an evolutionary advantage. As humans, we naturally need water, food and some material things to survive. But equally important is to realize that in order to survive, we need to understand our environment, each other and ourselves. Culture, sport, art and music meet this need. Trouble is that politics, whose currency is power, economics and money, does not work in unison with the culture, whose currency is trust.

We have to give culture the top priority, as it’s the only way to be sure that the decisions we take as a global society are actually good for mankind as a whole. It is no exaggeration to assert that our survival depends on it, as our children and grandchildren will inherit a world filled with intractable problems. The question is, how will next generations find a way to hope, a way to cope? How will they seek happiness and fulfillment?

Culture is the secret to our survival: it grounds and stabilizes us through change; it teaches us to imagine life beyond ourselves while enabling each of us to be part of history; and also, it allows us to live our lives with love, learn how to empathize, and join together. Culture, sport, art, music turn “the other” into “us”: it is cement that binds together entire societies and nations; we’re able to speak a common language and have shared values, as this is a foundation for trust. In these divisive times, this awareness can bind us together as one world, and guide us to political and economic decisions that benefit all humanity. And it is more essential now than ever before. We must use the power of culture for good, to build a united global community that is invested in each other, and that works for the progress of all mankind.

The team at Griffiths + Associates understand it perfectly and try to do their best to support local culture. Our islands are the place with the unique, historical cultural heritage and we try to preserve our identity.

Conceived and founded in 2005 by its artistic director Karl Fiorini, the Malta Spring Festival is an annual classical and contemporary music festival. Each year the Malta Spring Festival presents its listeners with a theme. This year, “About Hope”, exactly the right leitmotif in the present circumstances… all we have is the hope…“a match in a dark tunnel, a moment of light, just enough to reveal the path ahead and ultimately the way out.”

Welcome to the Festival! Let’s enjoy the art, reflect and then act on improving our lives!

We will keep you posted with future updates in the coming days.

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