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Join us to Virtual Event “Designing zero-carbon ships of the future” | 8 July 2021

Join us to the last event before the summer break organized by MARE FORUM and BUREAU VERITAS on Thursday 8 July 2021 at 11.00 AM CET.

This is 8th episode of the online round table of the very successful series “Designing zero-carbon ships of the future”.

The leading experts of the maritime industry will exchange their thoughts, ideas, and visions trying to give the answer to the current issues:

⚓   Who has a clear view of the design of the ship of the future? (low emissions, greater efficiency, speed, digitalization, materials, engines, etc..)
⚓   Who will design the ship of the future?
⚓   What insights do we have into the commercial viability of future ship designs?
⚓   Who will take the investment risk on these technologies? What is the role of the capital provider and charterer?
⚓   Is LNG just a transition fuel? Hydrogen, ammonia, batteries, and nuclear?
⚓   Is there enough infrastructure in ports worldwide to facilitate new fuels?
⚓   Will we have new trades, requiring new ship types – e.g. hydrogen carriers and ammonia product tankers?
⚓   Agenda for action – next steps. What can we do now to help accelerate the availability of zero-carbon ships while at the same time reducing shipping’s footprint: slow steaming, retrofits, ESG reporting, and verification?

It’s been a year we are following the “Designing the ship of the future”.

The accelerating urgency is required to help Malta to solve climate emergency and realise its climate action plan of zero-carbon emission to implement green changes to every aspect of life, including maritime industry.

This is a great solution for the Maltese Ship Register to grow its fleet with the low emission vessels in Maltese waters.

Join us to the online round table “Designing zero-carbon ships of the future” organized by MARE FORUM and BUREAU VERITAS on Thursday 8 July 2021 at 11.00 AM CET:

Griffiths + Associates is happy to work in collaboration with the ship owners as of the low emission vessels and of any other ships and superyachts as well helping them with the ship registration under Maltese flag.

Those ship owners always benefit from the registration of their vessels in Malta enjoying with the tax incentives implemented by the Maltese Government.

Liudmyla Skryvanek - Maritime Connections Worldwide Expert
Liudmyla Skryvanek - Maritime Connections Worldwide Expert

We provide the ship owners with full array of maritime services related to the yacht registration under Maltese flag, including function of the appointed resident agent, company incorporation for ship owning, and full range of financial and corporate services, advisory in Maritime law, taxation and other regulatory obligations.

To meet with our specialists please fill out the form below or send us your query via email and we will contact you shortly.

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