Horizon Europe Workshop 2023 | Griffiths + Associates Malta

Horizon Europe Legal and Financial Workshop 2023

Griffiths + Associates representative on EU Funded Projects Julia Jankowska participated in the Horizon Europe Legal and Financial Workshop on the 9th November 2023.

The events agenda focused on the following crucial aspects:
• Introduction to Horizon Europe and Financial Rules
• Grant and Consortium Agreement
• Budgeting and eligible costs
• Reporting and obligations.

As a service provider we acknowledge that the participation in workshops with this agenda provides a holistic benefit, covering legal, financial, and operational aspects critical for successful engagement in Horizon Europe projects.

The workshop provided an in-depth understanding of the Horizon Europe Framework, enhancing comprehension of the structure, objectives, and functioning of Horizon Europe and enables our firm to align our services more effectively with the overarching goals of the program.

An insight provided on comprehensive knowledge of financial rules helps our firm to ensure compliance, avoiding financial penalties and legal issues.

Discussion on effective Grant and Consortium Agreement Negotiation was focused on reaching proficiency in negotiating and understanding grant agreements and consortium agreements – reducing the risk of disputes within the consortium, contributing to smoother project implementation.

The importance of accurate budgeting and eligible costs identification was emphasized which enhances the firm’s ability to secure appropriate funding and optimally utilize allocated resources.

The event incorporated group exercises in which participants worked in teams in order to improve their capability to develop accurate budgets and correctly identify eligible costs.

Lastly the workshops addressed the efficient reporting procedures under Horizon Europe underlying the vitality of timely and accurate reporting, maintaining good standing with funding bodies and partners.

The event allowed for networking opportunities through interaction with experts and peers during the workshops allowing for future collaborations and partnerships.

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