Consultation Session for Malta maritime operators 2022

Consultation Session for maritime operators

Consultation Session for maritime operators

Consultation Session for maritime operators organised MTIP – happening now at Xara Lodge

Our representative on Maritime Connections Worldwide, Liudmyla Skryvanek is attending the Session as we absolutely agree with the Malta Maritime Forum that the renewed independent Maritime office will improve the priority for the maritime industry in Malta.

We stand for the detachment of maritime industry responsibilities from Transport Malta and the re-establishment of a National Maritime Authority since this is the only way when Malta can realise untapped potential as a regional centre of maritime excellence beyond the flag state and the registration of vessels.

The excellent ecosystem can be created as Malta offers excellent ancillary services in the area of ship repair, yachting centres, bunker operators, professional service providers, educational institutes and expert legal advisers in marine litigation, to name just a few.

The maritime industry cannot be regulated by an authority within an authority because it is dynamic and needs timely, proactive and immediate responsiveness, that’s why we need a single entity solely dedicated to the maritime industry, as against the current situation where each market sector has to promote its own activities.

The re-establishment of a National Maritime Authority would uphold the country’s aspirations to be a regional and global centre of excellence for mari­time affairs and would further contribute to increase the industry’s vast economic contribution while consolidating its systemic importance to the Maltese islands.

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