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Malta Citizenship

By Naturalization – Maltese citizenship by birth, descent if:

  • a potential applicant was a former citizen of Malta;
  • a potential applicant was born abroad to Maltese parents who are returned migrants;
  • a potential applicant was born in Malta, and hold foreign citizenship, and at least one of the parents is a citizen of Malta;
  • a potential applicant was born to parents who were non-Maltese but one of whom or both subsequently acquired Maltese citizenship;
  • a potential applicant was not born in Malta, but is a Maltese descendant.

By Registration – one of the following conditions must be satisfied:

  • through marriage: wife/husband of a citizen of Malta; widow/widower of a citizen of Malta;
  • Former citizen of Malta;
  • Child over 18 years of age born abroad between 21st September 1964 and 31st July 1989 of a Maltese mother, who at the time of birth of the child was a citizen of Malta;
  • The direct descendant, second or subsequent, born abroad of an ascendant who was born in Malta of a parent.

By Investment – European passport in return for a one-time investment:

The Malta Individual Investor Program( IIP):

The programme offers residency that will lead to citizenship.

Two alternatives:

  • Contribution of €750,000 and 12 months Maltese residency;
  • Contributions of €600,000 and three years Maltese residency.

Other features of the Program:

  • Mandatory philanthropic donation of minimum €10,000;
  • Contribution of €50,000 for all dependents;
  • Property investment to a minimum value of €700,000 or annual rent requirement is at €18,000 per annum.

The latter programme is now being phased out to a new one that requires more days of residence and more substance in Malta prior to being able to apply for citizenship.


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