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Our Partners

The truth is, you can’t do everything yourself and there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s why it’s so critical to build strategic partnerships. This is a mutually beneficial business strategy that helps us to do far more than we could alone, that way we can meet our clients’ requirements from a single source.

Strategic partnerships create the best client solutions. Accomplish more together.

Nautik Advisor Montenegro

Nautik Advisor

Montenegrin company providing yacht registration services in Montenegro, Commonwealth of Dominica and other non EU jurisdictions together with legal and advisory support to yacht owners and brokers in Montenegro.


Noord Connect

Noord Connect

  • Noord Connect is an international freight forwarder with a full range of services for the transportation and customs clearance of goods of various categories transported by air, sea, rail and road.
  • Our company has extensive experience in transportation of hazardous and bulky cargo to remote and unstable regions.
  • We have successfully completed international logistics projects in Sudan, Myanmar, Lybia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, DR Congo, Afghanistan, Guatemala and other countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America.


Smart Design 2006

Smart Design 2006 LLC

  • Full ship design package services: Research, Concept, Basic and Detailed Design, Electrical Part, etc. Cover all Disciplines – Hull, Steel Structures, Pipe systems, HVAC, Machinery and Equipment, etc.
  • 3D Laser Scanning and Point Cloud processing – essential for retrofit and any modification on board such as BWTS, Scrubbers and so on. Imported in 3D Model, this information provides an easy way to compare the project information to the real situation. This algorithm allows for repairing, retrofitting, preparing ‘as-built’ documentation.
  • Power Plant Design.


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    Our company’s mission – to provide quality financial services to our esteemed local and international clients, keeping their needs at the centre of our ethos; going the extra mile to efficiently and effectively assist them in growing and fulfilling their business and personal needs.

    Peter Griffiths – Managing and Tax Director
    Peter Griffiths
    Managing and Tax Director, Griffiths + Associates