Technical Conference 2022

Technical Conference 2022 | March 9-11, Budapest, Hungary

Managing & Tax Director Peter Griffiths is attending the Technical Conference 2022, an invitation made possible by PrimeGlobal, one of the largest independent accounting associations in the world, to its members.

All this is happening in Budapest, Hungary where the accounting and advisory community is focused on the most pressing issues facing the accounting profession.

There is a lively discussion going on about the potential synergies, challenges and opportunities that accounting firms within Southern Europe are facing and Peter Griffiths, as the Council member of Prime Global Southern European region is guiding the discussion. Managing partners are sharing ideas and peer-to-peer knowledge. Other European regions are following suit and doing the same with their own break-out sessions with their respective Council members. Thereafter, the whole delegates will join forces in proceeding with the conference as per its agenda including much needed networking.

The agenda includes such topics like:

  • Technical updates from leading experts in the accounting profession;
  • Redefining the CPA relationship:

this is about how the accountancy profession has an excellent opportunity to benefit from the digital transformation that is taking place in society today. The role of professional accountants as trusted advisors combined with digital companies opens new opportunities and business areas;

  • Transfer pricing; and
  • Relevant topics in accounting.

We will keep you posted with future updates in the coming days.

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