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Incentive schemes in Malta

Griffiths + Associates is following the government initiative “Start in Malta” and inviting our foreign colleagues, partners and friends to collaborate with us in respect of opening or expanding their business in Malta.

Sponsored by Enterprise Europe Network, Malta Chamber of SMEs, Malta Business Bureau, Malta Employers Association and other public organizations the Startup initiative offers incentive schemes to support the start-up business, start-up finance and business development.

Malta Enterprise provides incentive schemes for the newly built enterprises and for the enterprises showing the commitments towards the growth engaged in manufacturing, ICT development, pharmaceutical, aviation and maritime service, education and training, logistics and other business sectors in Malta.

The economy of Malta, which is already based on the strong sectors, such as Gaming in Malta, manufacturing, maritime and financial services, is diversifying now into AI, Big Data, Io T, DLTs sectors. The aviation industry is growing up base on the already established MRO system and engineering, and UAV industry is also picking up the speed transforming into the new exiting sector.

Griffiths + Associates provides a number of services, which help our clients to establish or expand their business and get a strong position in the respective markets.

We specialize in working with the international clients to provide them with full array of corporate, financial and, maritime services, advisory in financial and maritime law, taxation and business.

We offer to our partners to collaborate on short and long-term basis and reciprocal terms.

All incentive schemes are limited in time – hurry up to be first with us!

To meet with our specialists please fill out the form below or send us your query via email and we will contact you shortly.

Our company’s mission – to provide quality financial services to our esteemed local and international clients, keeping their needs at the centre of our ethos; going the extra mile to efficiently and effectively assist them in growing and fulfilling their business and personal needs.

Peter Griffiths – Managing and Tax Director
Peter Griffiths
Managing and Tax Director, Griffiths + Associates

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