High Net Worth Individuals / Entrepreneurs in Malta

High Net Worth Individuals / Entrepreneurs

The “elite”, or rather the High Net Worth Individuals (“HNWI”) typically search for countries which are politically and economically stable, with good standard of living, suitably located geographically, having good health and educational systems, a favourable tax regime, possibly enjoying good weather throughout the year.

Malta actually fits the bill, since all of these criteria are present within this sun-blessed country. Hence, Malta has become a main “contender” within the list of countries of choice of HNWIs wherein to relocate and possibly become tax resident.

Malta, a European Union member within the Euro zone having a sound banking sector and political and economic stability is one of the prime European locations for HNWIs.

Griffiths + Associates understands the needs of HNWIs and the high level of corporate service which the latter would expect from an organisation servicing international clients. The level of expertise has to be matched by the level of service, which is of paramount importance in the business model of our firm.


Our company’s mission – to provide quality financial services to our esteemed local and international clients, keeping their needs at the centre of our ethos; going the extra mile to efficiently and effectively assist them in growing and fulfilling their business and personal needs.

Peter Griffiths – Managing and Tax Director
Peter Griffiths
Managing and Tax Director, Griffiths + Associates