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Monaco yacht show 2023

In anticipation of the Monaco yacht show 2023 we would like to invite the ship owners to register their yachts in Malta Registry.

Malta Shipping Register is the largest register across Europe and most reputable in the world.

The maritime service we provide includes:

⚓ Provisional registration valid for three months;

⚓ Obtaining of Permanent Certificate of Malta Registry within 6 months of the provisional registration;

⚓ We act as resident agent in case of international ship owning;

⚓ Obtaining of Radio Licence;

⚓ Temporary Importation of the vessel for non-EU owners; and

⚓ Consultations of Maritime Law, Taxes, VAT schemes where applicable, company registration and corporate services in Malta.

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For more details, please contact Liudmila Scrivanek at

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