Expatriate Services

Tax residence advice and registration

Inward expatriates moving to Malta can benefit from different manners by which they can take up residence in Malta. The law generally makes it easier for EU national to take up ordinary residence in Malta by way of employment or self-sufficiency, with certain requirements being in place in terms of such applications for the applicant and the accompanying immediate family.

EU national expatriates have also the possibility to take up residence in terms of certain schemes which provide certain tax benefits but at the same time require specific criteria to be satisfied. The main two schemes which are opted for as The Malta Retirement Programme and the Malta Residence Programme.

Non-EU nationals who are desirous of moving to Malta also have the possibility of benefiting from certain schemes, within the ambit of rigorous checks and criteria to be satisfied.

Our firm can provide the specialist advice in terms of the pros and cons of the method by which tax residence is acquired, and also could act as an authorised mandatory in terms of law with respect to an application pursuant to one of the Schemes.

Inheritance tax and estate planning

It is a reality that people die, and the wealth generated during one’s life time is to be safeguarded and channelled to the rightful heirs or within the wishes of the particular person. Invariably international business creates situations whereby different laws and regulations provide for diverse sets of rules and taxes that apply to the method by which assets are transmitted after one’s death, and also the possibility of taxes applying cross-border and levied on the deceased’s estate or on the heirs.

Our firm can provide the necessary guidance and advice in putting in place adequate measures and structures which help mitigate or eliminate the potential exposure to inheritance or death taxes.


Annual income tax return compliance

The Maltese tax year, for individuals, follows the calendar year and requires individuals to file their relative tax return and effect any income tax payments by not later than six months from the end thereof. We can help collate the necessary information and carry out the necessary tax computations in order to arrive at the taxable income and relative tax due in Malta. For persons who are residing in Malta in terms of a Scheme, we could also provide the relative assistance in completing and filing the required documentation and forms in order to be compliant from a tax point of view.

We shall guide the client in any tax deductions or savings which may be had by taking into account the client’s personal circumstances and basis of taxation.

General personal tax advice

Maltese tax law contains various nuances and provisions which require expert knowledge in order to guide a person in arriving at the relative taxable income. It is important to assess a person’s residence and domicile to understand the basis of taxation of such a person, as well as clearly viewing the type of income that may be assessed to tax, and any possible deduction which is allowable in terms of Law.

Our firm can provide tailor-made advice and solutions in order to assist a person plan for his personal finances and be tax compliant within the terms of Maltese tax legislation.

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