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The Horizon Europe Digital Brokerage Event | 24, 25, 28 June 2021

Tap EU funding!

Join us and find collaboration partners participating at the Horizon Europe Digital Brokerage Event, taking place virtually on 24 – 25 and 28 June 2021.

The Strategic Innovation Agenda 2021-2027 of the Horizon Europe programme brings the opportunity to promote your innovative idea in ICT sector at international level.

Participating in this event you will be able to get the latest information from the European Commission, build quality partnerships for participating in ICT across Horizon Europe, facilitate the setup of project consortia for Horizon Europe calls, discuss and develop new project ideas on ICT at international level, acquire new cross-border contacts and initiate collaborations.

Establishing the cooperation partners will help you to grow your business internationally and access EU funding.

The Horizon Europe Digital Brokerage Event is covering the digital areas of:

→   Artificial Intelligence;
→   Big data & analytics;
→   Blockchain;
→   Cloud computing;
→   Components and Systems;
→   High Performance Computing;
→   Interactive Technologies;
→   Internet of Things;
→   Language Technologies;
→   Manufacturing;
→   Micro-and Nanoeletronics;
→   Next Generation Internet;
→   Next Generation Media;
→   Photonics;
→   Robotics;
→   Smart Networks & Services (5G, 6G);
→   Software technologies.

Building quality network and partnership for participating in ICT calls across the Horizon Europe programme is an integral component of the growth plans of ambitious and innovative Maltese SMEs.

Business that needs EU funding to develop in Malta we provide with the service:

  • Project analysis and determination the eligibility for the EU funding;
  • Risk analysis – market, financial and entrepreneurial;
  • Legal due diligence;
  • Drafting applications to EU call for proposals and tenders;
  • Project implementation and reporting.

Griffiths + Associates navigates startups and innovative Maltese SMEs through the legal and banking system in Malta and help to benefit from the tax incentives.
We assist in drafting of the pre-business & post-business plan and consequently in the company incorporation process, advise in scaling business towards the access an international market.

Link to the event:

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