Virtual Boat Show 2020 | Griffiths + Associates Malta

7-8 November | Virtual Boat Show 2020

Drop the anchor and join to the daily growing international maritime community during the Virtual Boat Show 2020!

The upcoming event Virtual Boat Show 2020 will held online on 7-8 November in European time and 21-22 November in Australian and New Zealand time.

More than 5000 visitors are registered to take part.

The ship owners, yacht clubs members, racers and rigorous sailors, businessmen and enthusiastic people, who are willing to charter a yacht to spend the most adventurous holidays will gather together in an innovative virtual environment.

Virtual Boat Show 2020 is a multi-session online event that features live video 360° yacht tours – walkthrough your favourite yachts leading by expert, live video chats, individual or group texts, live streaming, webinars, and webcasts.

Even having a real experience it is impossible to be everywhere in the world at the same time then the “digital experience” becomes a solution not to miss an event or a meeting.

The digital technology gives the opportunity to observe trends, screen the market, create the short-list of the ship builders and purchase the boat of your dream.

Every participant takes an opportunity to join a real time walkthrough of a yacht, talk with a company representative, who present the new products launched, and then join to the ambience to listen to the story of an interesting speaker, a restless adventurer sailor or an industry expert.

Those who are willing to purchase the boat may select uncompromised quality from the list of vendors:

  • Arcona Yachts – each yacht is designed to be light, durable, and easy to manage, making it a favourite among boat connoisseurs;
  • Bavaria Yachts – pure expression of class, elegance, and fine craftsmanship;
  • Contest Yachts – 60 years of experience in building to the finest standards;
  • Greenline Yachts – experience the comfort of silence, sophistication in design, technology, production and environment;
  • Elan Yachts – yacht experiences from cruising to luxury;
  • IMEXUS YACHTS – is one of the most versatile boats on the market;
  • Italia Yachts – stylish yachts to sail fast, safely and comfortably in all weather;
  • C-Catamarans – the boat with great design, solid building, and requires little maintenance;
  • Faurby Yachts  – the proud tradition of our craftsmanship, combined with use of modern technology;
  • Nordship Yachts – is considered as one of the leading manufactures of Deck Saloon Yachts;
  • Nordic Cruiser – no one boat comes much more Scandinavian than this.


Once you have found a boat of your dream Griffiths + Associates comes to help registering yacht under Malta flag on individual name or on the corporate entity incorporated for the ship owning.

We also provide full range of financial and corporate service Malta, advisory in Maritime law and taxation.

To meet with our specialists please fill out the form below or send us your query via email  and we will contact you shortly.

Liudmyla Skryvanek - Maritime Connections Worldwide