Language Schools

Malta, being an ex-British colony, having English as one of its official languages has invariably attracted foreign students who are desirous in learning this essential foreign language.


Language schools enjoy a particular indirect taxation regime; Our firm commands industry-specific experience and understands the relative nuances of applicable VAT law

English language schools in Malta have flourished over the years, and this has been aided by qualified and experienced staff and organised packages specifically tailor made for the needs of the ever-demanding foreign students. Language schools in Malta have reached out to harness new technologies and have invested heavily in web-sites and web applications in an attempt to extend tuition in English via web interface.

This reality can also make Maltese companies attractive to non-residents, who want to use Malta as a platform from where to provide such English language tuition via internet portal. In such instances, the advantageous tax regime applicable to “trading companies” extends to these types of activities and creates a very attractive fiscal regime for such entities trading via Malta.

Moreover, English language schools also have a particular indirect taxation regime, and our firm has various clients and experience within such an industry and understands the relative nuances of VAT law which applies to such entities. It is important to correctly structure one’s set up in view of intricacies arising from the supply of educational services, accommodation, books and printed matter, and possibly excursions which all have their relative VAT rules applicable.