Our firm, over the years, has expanded its local and foreign client base which has invariably resulted in a wide exposure to various industries and markets.


Malta’s geographical location and history in the shipping industry allowed us to focus on this specialist area in which Griffiths + Associates provides a full range of services.

The increasingly popular i-Gaming sector as well as the Pharmaceutical industries have also garnered an expanding client base which was tapped by our firm.

Malta is setting itself as a centre of excellence in financial services, with the latter becoming a significant portion of the county’s Gross Domestic Product. Taxation planning is an important aspect in any series business, and our local tax system has proved to be very efficient for companies trading in commodities, being they goods or services. Our firm has realised such potential and the attractiveness that the financiail services industry has garnered, especially the Fund industry, with Malta slowly becoming a major player in such spheres of activity.

Due to Malta’s high level of eduction, the Maltese working force is also becoming more and more skilled which has made the country an attractive place where the Media and Entertainment business is flourishing. The same applies to English language schools and Technology companies, especially with Malta’s government providing specialist training and infrastructure to the ICT business.

Malta’s knowledgeable and specialist professionals have also paved the way to a modern and sophisticated legal system which has become the backbone of our taxation system. This has lead High Net Worth Individuals being attracted to our shores, who require sound and professional planning on their affairs and estate.