Funds & Investments


Professional Investor Fund Set-up

Malta is, slowly but surely, becoming a major player wherein collective investment schemes are being set up and administered. One such type of non-retail scheme, the Maltese Professional Investor Fund (“PIF”) has become a very popular choice for institutional and private investors due to its sound regulatory framework and very advantageous fiscal regime.

Griffiths + Associates has, over the years, set up various PIFs in Malta and acted as a liaison between such Schemes and the local regulator, the Malta Financial Services Authority, in order to successfully apply for and procure such PIF license in Malta. Our firm may advise on the best legal structure for such set-ups, together with all the necessary forms, documents and due diligence documentation required, including the drafting of the Offering Memorandum and the eventual incorporation of the legal entity which would be the licensable entity. Our firm has also very good working relations with various fund managers and fund administrators in Malta, and may recommend the appointment of such licensed companies for PIFs being set up in Malta.

Investment Fund Auditing

Not every audit firm in Malta may audit a licensable entity such as a Professional Investor Fund (“PIF”). Our firm is recognised by the Malta Financial Services Authority to carry out audit work on local PIFs. We have diverse experience on auditing such Schemes, including complex Schemes with various sub-funds spanning from Venture Capital Funds to Property Funds and Equity Funds.