Corporate Services



The firm provides various taxation services, spanning from local and international taxation advice, income tax return preparation for companies and entities opting to be taxable as companies (such as trusts and foundations), Value Added Tax return preparation and advice relative with Recapitulative VAT Statements in view of supplies of goods and/or services within the European Union, and taxation advice relative to international corporate structures.

Company Formations

Our firm assists in the incorporation of Maltese limited liability companies, including all the necessary to have the company up and running, including the relative registrations for income tax/VAT purposes, opening of bank accounts with any bank in Malta, and permit requirements for any employees to be employed by the new Maltese company.

The Memorandum and Articles of Association can be drafted within the specific requirements of the shareholders, always being in line with the Malta Companies Act 1995 (Chapter 386 of the Laws of Malta). Griffiths + Associates also assists in the incorporation of shipping companies in terms of the Merchant Shipping Act (Chapter 234 of the Laws of Malta) and the Merchant Shipping (Shipping Organisation – Private Companies) Regulations, Legal Notice 233 of 2004 as amended.


Via an associated company of ours, TrustForte Fiduciary Ltd, our firm provides fiduciary services for resident and non-resident persons who want to set up a Maltese company and who want to benefit from the confidentiality which fiduciary set-ups may provide.

Payroll Services

Our firm has invariably invested heavily in state-of-the-art IT solutions, and payroll services are one such area whereby we have focused on efficient and effective IT software to allow the complexities of payroll be simplified, in an ultimately flexible solution provided to clients. Hence, we provide full payroll services whereby we could be the back-end of a Maltese company without the requirement for the latter to engage any staff to handle the relatively mundane albeit complex activities related to payroll.

To this effect, we may handle all the regulatory requirements to have employees recorded officially on the books, including the need for any work permits, and also the preparation of pay slips and other regulatory requirements to keep the company in line with taxation, employment and Social Security law.

Offshore Company Set Up

Our firm can set up companies and foundations in the prime “offshore” jurisdictions, such as Panama, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Seychelles and Nevis. Such entities, coupled with Maltese and/or non-Maltese bank accounts can prove to be a good addition to an existing or new international structure.

International Bank Accounts

Our firm has a long-standing relationship with reputable banks situated in Malta, Cyprus and Switzerland which would enable our clients to operate such accounts for their business requirements. Such reputable banks provide internet banking and credit card facilities, which have become an essential complimentary service required by international clients.

Foreign Company Branch Services

Malta’s taxation system invariably provides a very attractive regulatory environment whereby foreign companies, even those registered outside of the European Union, may set-up a branch in Malta. Such Maltese branches of foreign companies may also register for VAT purposes in Malta and benefit from obtaining an-EU widely recognised VAT number.

Moreover, the Maltese branch of the foreign company would be taxable on a remittance basis, which means that only foreign income remitted to Malta would be taxable therein. Our firm could provide all the necessary services to have such branches registered in Malta, including providing assistance in the ongoing regulatory requirements and also obtaining a VAT number for such branches.