Highly Qualified Persons (Amendment) Rules 2018
Highly qualified persons

Highly Qualified Persons (Amendment) Rules 2018

Legal Notice 141 of 2018 has extended the purport of the Highly Qualified (Amendment) Rules 2018 to selected employees in the Assisted Reproductive Technology Sector.

Specifically, the following types of employment contracts shall be eligible:

  • Embryologist
  • Responsible Person
  • Lead Quality Manager

In terms of the aforementioned Rules, the qualifying contracts in question would benefit from a flat rate of 15% on such employment income including fringe benefits. Any such income or fringe benefits exceeding EUR 5,000,000 in any tax year shall be exempt from tax in Malta.

The above new introduction hence is serving as an incentive to companies who are desirous to engage in such a novel sector and is widening the purport of the Highly Qualified Rules. This comes as a back drop to the current new legislation being introduced by the Maltese parliament in the sector of IVF and assisted reproduction.

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